Looking back over more than one-half century of our lives in business, we have been impressed with the steady rise in the standards of achievement and excellence accomplished by our family of employees.

President Theodore Roosevelt said, “Courage, hard work, self-mastery, and intelligent effort are all essential to successful life.”  We realize the success of Sinclair and our hotels, resorts and ranches rests on these kinds of character traits demonstrated by employees such as you.

Today, we celebrate and recognize your commitment and contributions to our business enterprises.  Thank you, most sincerely, for the hard work, loyalty, expertise, and professionalism you bring to the workplace.

In honor of your many years of employment with us, we invite you to select one of the gifts shown in this brochure.  It is our hope that your selection will be a small symbol of our gratitude and appreciation for your dedicated efforts.

Carol joins me in expressing our heartfelt appreciation for the service milestone you have achieved and for your many fine contributions to the company.

With warmest regards and congratulations,

R. E. Holding