Hotel R&R Benefit Overview and Policy



The Hotel R&R Benefit offered by Sinclair is unique in the hospitality portion of the company.  Similar in many ways to a benefit enjoyed by airline employees who can “fly free” when empty seats are available, eligible Sinclair Hospitality employees are invited to stay at company owned hotels and resorts when empty rooms are available.  It is Sinclair’s policy not to displace paying guests to accommodate employees using the Hotel R&R Benefit.  In order to not to displace a paying guest, an employee’s request for a reservation may not be granted if the hotel expects to be fully booked on the requested date, even though it may not yet be fully booked when the request for the reservation is submitted.  Certain dates at the properties will be blocked due to customer demand and no Hotel R&R Benefit rooms will be reserved.


Individuals Covered


To be eligible for the benefits of this policy, an individual must have been employed as a regular, full-time employee for more than five (5) years.


The provisions of this policy are available to all Sinclair full-time employees, (excluding hourly service station employees) and eligible dependents.  Please note below the clause regarding single employees.  Eligible dependents include: the employee's lawful spouse as defined by applicable state law; and the following unmarried dependent children of the employee: natural children; stepchildren who reside with the employee; children who, before reaching the age of 19, are either adopted by the employee or placed in the employee's home for adoption; foster children who reside in the employee's home; and children for whom the employee is a court-appointed guardian or custodian. For purposes of this policy, to be "dependent," a child must be unmarried and rely on the employee for primary support and maintenance. Dependent children remain eligible until their twenty-fifth birthday.


The Hotel R&R Benefit allows single employees without dependent children to invite one guest to share their Hotel R&R Benefit experience and activities.  If, however, the guest requires a room additional to that of the employee, the employee will be billed the company’s R&R rate for that room.  Other approved expenses for the guest, such as meals and recreation, will be covered by this policy.  Single employees with dependent children are not eligible to bring a guest other than those dependent children.


An employee, whose spouse also works for the company and is eligible for the benefit, may combine their earned nights under this policy.  Such nights expire on the respective employee’s next five year service anniversary.


Benefit Allowance

Employees who have completed five years of full-time service are eligible for three (3) nights lodging and meals after their anniversary date.  At each subsequent five-year increment, the employee will be eligible for nights lodging as follows:

  • 5 years – 3 nights
  • 10 years – 4 nights
  • 15 years – 5 nights
  • 20 years – 6 nights                              
  • 25 years – 7 nights
  • 30 years – 8 nights
  • 35 years – 9 nights
  • 40 years – 10 nights
  • 45 years – 11 nights


Properties Available


Employees may use the facilities of any of the company’s Hotel/Resort properties. The locations of the properties are as follows:




Cheyenne, Wyoming


Flagstaff, Arizona


Little America, Wyoming

Hotel/Travel Center

Salt Lake City, Utah


Salt Lake City, Utah (Grand)


San Diego, California


Sun Valley, Idaho


Snowbasin, Utah

Resort**(Recreation only -- no rooms)












**Those staying at the Salt Lake City properties may use Snowbasin recreational benefits (one day of skiing per benefit night) during their scheduled stay. Activities at Snowbasin must be requested separately from the Hotel R&R Benefit, but with the same advanced notice.  Ski passes without lodging will be counted against one night’s benefit.

*** Recreational charges compliments of Sun Valley include golf green fees, tennis court rental, play school, ski equipment rental, horseback riding, bike rental, sailing, gun club, ski lift tickets, ice skating and ice shows, Trail Creek sleigh ride and the Opera House.

Request for Reservation


A Blackout list is submitted by the Hotels/Resorts each year.  The dates indicated on this calendar will not be available for the use of the Hotel R&R Benefit.  Outside of these blocked dates, each property will reserve four rooms per night during the coming calendar year for employees’ use.  Once these dates are taken, employees will be required to wait 90 days prior to the requested reservation date before re-applying for the Hotel R&R Benefit rooms.  Depending on projected occupancy rates, each property will then determine whether the rooms available may be used for Hotel R&R Benefit purposes.  Each employee must make their reservation request by completing the on-line form located at  Requests must be made at least two weeks in advance of the date an employee wishes to use the Hotel R&R Benefit.  When a reservation has been completed, the Administrator of the benefit program will send a confirmation letter to the manager of the property, as well as to the employee.


Employees must apply through the Hotel R&R Benefit web-site to receive the benefit.  Should the employee make his/her own reservations, the employee will be responsible for the entire bill, with no benefit granted.




Transportation to and from the property is to be at the employee’s expense. 

The following items are not covered by the benefit:

  • Bar bill

  • Honor bar

  • Valet (Laundry)

  • Long Distance telephone charges

  • Gratuities

  • Items purchased for personal use

  • Additional room for non-dependent guest

  • Pay-Per-View movies

  • Massages (Spa entrance fee is covered)

  • Valet parking

  • Any other charges the company has indicated employee should pay personally.


Employees are required to use vacation, scheduled holidays or weekends to enjoy the provisions of this award.  Additional time without pay will not be allowed for the purpose of utilizing this benefit.  Benefits cannot be accumulated from service anniversary to service anniversary.


It is a violation of this policy for an employee, spouse, or dependent to permit any person other than the employee, spouse and dependents to stay overnight in any room, eat any meals or participate in any recreational activities paid for by Sinclair under this policy except as noted in section B, regarding single employees and their eligible guests.  Those who are found in violation of this policy may have their Hotel R&R Benefit revoked and may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


In staying at one of the company properties, employees and their guest(s) are expected to conduct themselves appropriately, avoiding any actions that would cause embarrassment to the company.  Those found in violation of this will have the Hotel R&R Benefit privilege revoked and may face disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


Sinclair reserves the right to interpret, modify, amend, suspend or revoke the foregoing policy at any time or from time to time without giving advanced notice thereof.  All questions on interpretation of the policy should be referred to the Human Resources Department.



Cancellations must be done three (3) days prior to the employee's check-in date.



For those who do not notify the Human Resources department or the hotel of their "no show" will be billed directly from the hotel for one night's stay, and the Human Resources department will charge the employee's R&R bank for the number of days reserved in the confirmation letter. In other words, please be courteous in informing the Human Resources department or the property of your inability to keep your reservation.