R&R Reservation Agreement Form

R&R Guidelines to keep in mind:

I have provided the above information and certify that it is correct. I understand that if for any reason I am unable to keep my reservation I will contact the Human Resources Department no later than 72 hours prior to my arrival in order to cancel.

I acknowledge that this benefit does not cover bar bills, honor bar, valet, long-distance telephone charges, items purchased for personal use, gratuities, an additional room for a non-dependent guest or any other charges that the Company has indicated that I, the employee, should pay personally. I agree to check out before leaving the property. I will either pay for any items not covered by Sinclair's Hotel R&R Benefit Policy at the time of check out, or agree to have such charges deducted from a subsequent paycheck.

I also acknowledge that Sinclair's Hotel R&R Benefit Policy is intended for the benefit of its employees and the employee's spouse and eligible dependents (as defined in Sinclair's Medical Benefits Plan or as covered under the clause for single employees). It is a violation of Sinclair's Hotel R&R Benefit Policy for me to permit anyone other than myself, my spouse, and my eligible dependents (or one guest for single employees who do not have dependent children) listed above to stay in any room, eat any meals or use any other amenity provided under this Policy.

This benefit is provided solely at the discretion of Sinclair, subject to its sole interpretation and may be modified or terminated at any time without prior notice.



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reservations will be made without receipt by the Human Resources Department of this agreement.



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